Banana Nutella: banana shell / nutella buttercream
Chocolate PB Pretzel: chocolate pretzel shell / peanut butter fudge buttercream / pretzel bits & chocolate drizzle
Cookie Butter: speculoos shell / cookie butter buttercream
Lavender Earl Grey: lavender shell / earl grey infused white chocolate ganache
Fruity Pebbles: fruity pebbles shell / fruity pebbles buttercream
Lemon Raspberry: lemon shell / raspberry buttercream / lemon curd
Luck of the Irish: lucky charms shell / bailey’s infused lucky charms buttercream
Lucky Charms: lucky charms shell / lucky charms buttercream
Matcha Cheesecake: matcha green tea shell / cream cheese buttercream / graham cracker crumbs
Mimosa: orange shell / orange champagne buttercream
Raspberry Rose: raspberry shell / rose infused buttercream


Cosmo: chocolate chips / coconut / rice krispies cereal / oatmeal
Cookie Wasted: circus animal cookies / nutter butters / oreos
Sweet & Sassy: dark chocolate chunks / roasted pistachios / sea salt
Turtle: chocolate cookie / chocolate chips / toasted pecans / caramel 

UNIQUE SWEETS | $/varies

Banana Nutella Peanut Butter Bread (mini loaf): banana bread / nutella / peanut butter | $4 
Blood Orange Bars* (seasonal): blood orange curd / brown butter shortbread | $3
Boozy Lucky Charms Treat*: lucky charms cereal / marshmallow / bailey’s infused white chocolate ganache | $4
Caramel Nut Reptar Bar: chocolate bar / green caramel /roasted peanuts | $3.5
S’mores Reptar Bar: chocolate bar / green marshmallow fluff / graham cracker crumbs | $3.5
*denotes one dozen minimum