APPLE PIE • Apple pie filling sandwiched between buttery flaky pie dough, topped with a lovely lattice pattern and baked with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar

COSMO • Our signature cookie filled with chocolate chips, coconut, rice crispies, oatmeal and cinnamon

TURTLE • Chocolate cookies rolled in pecans filled with caramel and topped with drizzled chocolate

PEANUT BUTTER BANANA CHOCOLATE CHIP • Three flavors delicious on their own but amazing paired together in a cookie




FRUITY PEBBLES • Fruity Pebbles shells filled with Fruity Pebbles buttercream

BANANA NUTELLA • Banana shells filled with Nutella

THAI TEA • Thai tea shells filled with thai tea white chocolate ganache

TARDIS TEA • Vanilla almond shells filled with white chocolate ganache infused with Adagio Tardis blend tea




SQUIGGLE • Chocolate cake filled with vanilla marshmallow cream, dipped in chocolate ganache and topped with a marshmallow cream squiggle

ELVIS • Banana cake topped with whipped peanut butter frosting and rimmed with bacon “sprinkles”

PB & J • Your favorite childhood lunch in the convenience of a cupcake. Vanilla cake filled with strawberry jam, topped with whipped peanut butter frosting and rimmed with crushed up potato chips



$9/full size loaf or $3.50/mini loaves (min. 3)

BANANA CHOCOLATE CHIP • Moist banana bread studded with milk chocolate chips, available with walnuts upon request

BANANA NUTELLA • Moist banana bread swirled with Nutella